general Medical services

Our practice is focussed on health and wellness strategies aimed at ensuring our patients stay healthy and happy for longer, allowing you to enjoy a better quality of life!

Routine care involves the provision of healthcare services on an ongoing basis in order to maintain one’s health or help manage chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension and HIV.

Our team of healthcare providers will help you meet your treatment goals through frequent checks, healthcare advice and coaching to make your journey to peak mental and physical condition a pleasant one!

At CapitalCare, we have a strong focus on prevention. Screening is a great way to detect early disease in individuals that do not have any signs or symptoms yet.

The main goal is to achieve early detection and start effective treatment to help reduce the likelihood of complications.

Our skilled team of treatment providers will help tailor the management of your chronic illness to your lifestyle and help optimise your condition to give you a better healthcare experience. 

We have built very close relationships with specialist care in the area and will not hesitate to escalate your medical care should the need arise. Your health is, and always will be, our priority.


Our ultra-modern facility has all the tools and facilities necessary to perform minor surgical procedures safely and effectively.

Procedures include treatment of cuts and superficial injuries, drainage of cysts, removal of warts and skin tags as well as comprehensive wound care

At CapitalCare preventative medicine is our passion. Our wellness consults take a comprehensive look at your lifestyle and other factors that help influence your well being. The focus will be on areas such as exercise, diets, sleep quality, social connection as well as mindfulness. 

Utilising our multi-disciplinary team of psychologists, physiotherapists and dieticians, we will help engineer a happier and healthier you!

We can complete medical examinations on behalf of all major insurance companies. These medical examinations may be required for a range of insurance packages such as life cover and income protection to name a few. Visit our clinic for comprehensive and efficient assistance.

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