At CapitalDental, your smile is our business. Experts believe good oral hygiene sets the tone for a healthy body and a healthy mind. Let our team of skilled dentists and dental assistants help you find a personalised dental solution to help restore your oral health.
From simple dental exams and oral cleanings to more complex full mouth restorations, at CapitalDental, we have have the services to suit all your needs.

Missing or damaged teeth can do more than just ruin your smile, they can affect your ability to chew your food and place you at higher risk of gum disease. We offer a wide range of solutions for missing and damaged teeth, restoring your confidence to smile and the ability to chew and eat effectively. Our services include dentures, crowns, fillings and more!

A large majority of children and adults experience anxiety when thinking of visiting the dentist due to past experiences, family history or the idea of not being in control. At CapitalDental, our multidisciplinary team of doctors and dentists, tranquil environment and sensitive staff will ensure you feel comfortable and confident in the treatment you receive.

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